Volunteer Opportunities

The Journey Home is a great place to make a difference in your community. We greatly value your time and would be honored to have you join us in our mission to improve the well being of the people in this community. Join us in the Journey!

Opportunities Include: Praying for the Journey Home and the Residents  \\  Leading Bible Studies  \\  Providing Transportation  \\  After School Tutoring  \\  Mentoring & Discipling Individuals  \\  Teaching Reading Skills  \\  Assisting with Jobs and Job Applications  \\  Instructing in Money Management Skills  \\  Marriage & Parenting Classes  \\  Teaching Cooking Skills & Meal Preparation  \\  Maintenance of the Building  \\  Decorating Rooms  \\  Locating & Renovating Affordable Permanent Housing  \\  Gardening  \\  Grounds  \\  Clerical work  \\  Fundraising

Interested in volunteering? Contact us here!