But God will never forget the needy;
the hope of the afflicted will never perish.
Psalm 9:18

Throughout the Bible, we read of God’s tender heart for those people who are in need – those who are poor, oppressed, persecuted and abandoned. He often moves in the hearts of those who follow Him to have this same compassion. What a joy it is to gather with people who have this kindheartedness and a desire to bring God’s hope and healing to those who desperately need these. January 14th brought such a meeting of people together to pray, plan and brainstorm. How thankful we are for people like them, and you, who want to join with us in God’s work through The Journey Home. Each week, we are meeting with churches, organizations and/or individuals who are interested in being involved in supporting TJH.We have several exciting updates to share with you. There is now access to the land – with special thanks to our son-in-law, Frank, and his mighty crew that included our other son-in-law, Ben. They worked hard to clear trees and make a passable road to the property. The architects, Dex and Lindsay, finalized the plans, met with the code official for approval and submitted the plans to our builder, Howard. He is currently working on pricing.

That means we are beginning the Capital Campaign. Wow. God has stretched each of us in this process and we have so much to learn about how to raise LARGE funds. Please pray with us and feel free to share any expertise you have in this area, as we know so little. At this time, the estimate is to have $350,000 for a down payment. We are praying and trusting God to provide all the funds needed for this vision He has given.

Many already generous donors have made it possible for TJH to pay all our expenses so far. Some donors have applied for and received matching grants from their place of business. What a blessing to have their gift doubled. Ed continues to apply for every eligible grant we become aware of. God has graciously sent us experts who are doing their work for free or at a substantial discount. Next week, Debby is meeting with Robi, a decorator who is helping with flooring and siding selections simply because she is excited about this ministry.

The storage unit is filling up with gently used items that will be a blessing to those who live at the home. Please let us know if you hear of someone who would like to donate furnishings, that are in good condition, for the units. Or, let us know if your church or Sunday school class would like to furnish a unit (including bedding, towels, etc.).

The next two Saturdays, January 21 and 28, twelve volunteers will do training in coaching techniques. This course, taught by a Virginia pastor, will be a great asset in assisting residents of TJH. We desire to actively recruit and train volunteers as the home is being built so that we are ready to begin ministering as soon as the building is completed.

We are excited that our son in law, Ben Reid, has been working on a Next Steps plan to find affordable housing for graduates of TJH and perhaps as an outreach while TJH is being built. Please help us locate suitable houses for renovation and let us know if you would like to volunteer to help with renovations. Housing is a great need in Louisa County. The cold winter months give all of us sympathy for those living in substandard housing…or those who have no housing at all. There are many people suffering and in need of TJH. The task seems overwhelming, but nothing is impossible with God!

Debby got a phone call a few days ago from a woman whose son had just gotten out of jail. He got a job locally and wants to stay in the area where he has family support, but cannot find anywhere to live. She had heard about TJH and wanted to know if it was done. It was heartbreaking to tell her our building was not yet available.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and your greatly needed support. We appreciate you joining us in God’s call in order to make TJH become reality.  It is so obvious that we cannot do this without lots of involvement from others. Thank you for your participation!

Ed and Debby
On behalf of TJH Board of Directors