Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

Do you remember being five years old and waiting eagerly for your birthday to arrive? Did you feel like that day was way too slow in arriving? A child at The Journey Home just experienced that wait and then the wonderful celebration yesterday as the day came. I was there and I saw the look on his face when he saw the bouncy house (that his mom had rented with money gifted to her by a relative) set up on the front lawn. The glee and the excitement displayed by his entire body was evident for all his friends and his Journey Home family to see. What a joy it was for all of us to join in his enthusiasm in bouncing, eating cake, etc. and partying with him.

TJH is now waiting expectantly for God to answer our prayers for a House Manager couple. We wholeheartedly believe He will answer with His perfect timing in His just right way. He has provided for every need for TJH from the beginning and we trust He will continue to. After all, TJH was His idea! There are currently several possible guests for the home that are waiting for the HMs position to be filled for them to be admitted. Please join us in praying for discernment of God’s choice. Please help by sharing the need and letting us know of possible candidates. It is a great ministry opportunity to be a blessing and be blessed. The details are:

We are hiring! For more information, visit our careers page, contact us by email or by phone 540-259-3627.


  • For the joys of life like celebrating a birthday with a child living at TJH.
  • For the milestones – like one year of sobriety – that we applaud with our guests.
  • For the privilege of seeing God work in the lives of the current guests and their kids who are making significant progress in their life goals.
  • For $13,500 in generous new donations given by individuals and churches this month.
  • For additional money given in gifts and grants towards the playground. We hope to be able to build the playground to be ready for spring play.
  • For the faithful individuals and churches who support TJH.
  • For the faithful volunteers who give their time to help others…especially the budgeting, parenting and coaching team who are making a huge difference in lives of guests.
  • For TJH staff and for their commitment to the ministry.
  • For TJH Board and for their spiritual leadership.
  • For the continued partnership in ministry with our community.

Prayer requests:

  • For God to provide His choice for the House Managers position soon.
  • For favor with the courts for Moms seeking custody of their children.
  • For us to be an example of Jesus as we love and encourage our families and point them to Him.
  • For discernment in the selection of guests. We have recently received increased applications from people in great need.
  • For more churches and individuals to grasp the vision to be involved in TJH prayerfully and financially.
  • For God’s favor for grants pending a decision.
  • For committed volunteers to return as Covid restrictions lift.
  • For godly relationships among staff and guests.

For TJH Board and Staff