The Next Step Program

Another vital aspect of The Journey Home is our “Next Step” program. Commencing at the onset of a guest’s stay, we will be working with them, their life-coach and their social worker on an exit plan. As healing of the core issues that have led to homelessness occurs, guests will be assisted in determining their transition to independent living. For many of our guests, this will include the opportunity to transition to the “Next Step” affordable housing ministry.

Relationships established with guests will continue as individuals and families make their transition to our “Next Step” program. The maintaining of relationships during an individual’s or family’s next step will be critical for a successful transition to independent living.

The Journey Home is actively pursuing the creation of inexpensive housing. Affordable housing, for rent or purchase, is documented to be in short supply both locally and nationally. The Next Step program’s purpose is to assist residents in ultimately obtaining permanent housing as part of an exit plan from The Journey Home through: (1) partnerships – helping residents find housing solutions utilizing existing resources available from organizations or programs that address housing needs (for example, Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation or Habitat for Humanity) or (2) creating affordable housing by purchasing homes to renovate or constructing new homes for guests to live in upon successful completion of the initial program.

In addition, this program will provide opportunities to serve and build relationships between various community organizations and churches as they assist with construction or renovation of homes. Housing costs may be subsidized (reduced) initially with net income generated through this program being used to support Journey Home operations. This income will be added to donor income to further provide sustainability.

One of the board members is the director of the “Next Step” program. He desires to personally “raise support” (similar to a “missionary”) to supply his income needs moving forward.

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