Change. It is often a bittersweet word. Lots of change is happening now at The Journey Home. One of our families moved into the Next Step Home at the end of April. We rejoice in their move towards independence and celebrate all the progress they made during their year with us that has enabled this move. However, we truly miss seeing them each day. Thankfully, they have become family to us and will stay connected and supported by programs and staff at TJH. Another family is moving this week into an independent living situation. This, too, brings both joy and sadness. It is amazing to see the growth they have made signaling they are ready for this step forward, but they will be greatly missed.

I truly wish you could hear the comments these families have made about their time at TJH. Words such as “I could not have made it without TJH”. “I know I would be back on the streets without your help.” and “I am so thankful for the hope, support and love you have all given us to equip us for living on our own.” These comments are for you as you have allowed us the privilege of making this journey with them. Thank you for your support in so many ways including prayers, financial gifts, and time.

For those of you who like “hands on” opportunities to serve, we would love to have your help with preparing and planting our garden on Wednesday, June 1. We will start at 9 am and hope to be done by noon. The playground equipment is being installed this week and there is additional finishing work that we would welcome volunteers for.

Several new families have also moved in during the past six weeks. They are adjusting well and we are seeking God’s guidance in how to best minister to these individuals and families. They have benefitted already from the Bible study, prayer, life coaching, budgeting, and parenting classes they are participating in. New jobs that are going well are God’s provision for them. Steps are also being made towards custody of children. So much to be grateful to God for.

Attached is information about two events. One is the Yard Sale that Louisa Baptist Church is graciously hosting on June 4th to benefit TJH. The other is about TJH Celebration Banquet on Saturday, August 27th. We would love to have you join us that night to hear about the amazing things God is doing. A few guests will be sharing their story and staff will give an update.


  • For the precious new families/individuals at TJH.
  • For the privilege of seeing God work in the lives of the guests and their children who have taken a big step towards independence.
  • For the generosity of individuals and churches in their giving, their prayers and their involvement.
  • For TJH staff and for their commitment to the ministry.
  • For TJH Board and for their spiritual leadership.
  • For the continued partnership in ministry with our community.

Prayer requests:

  • For God to help us discern His choice for the House Manager(s) position.
  • For a smooth transition for the new families at TJH as they adjust and are nurtured by TJH staff and volunteers.
  • For us to be an example of Jesus as we love and encourage our families and point them to Him.
  • For volunteers to help with the playground completion and the gardening tasks.
  • For discernment in the selection of guests who are in the application & interview process.
  • For more churches and individuals to grasp the vision to be involved in TJH prayerfully and financially.
  • For God’s favor for grants pending a decision.
  • For godly relationships among staff and guests.


Gratefully joining with you in God’s work,
For TJH Board