It finally feels like Spring. Yay. The warmer weather and more daylight are so welcomed after the cold and darkness of winter. It is especially enjoyable to get outdoors during the continued COVID-19 restrictions.

The Journey Home is excited to celebrate spring with the start of our garden project. Ben and the Schulz boys dug 13 post holes this week for the fence. Hoye has cut some small trees and brush near the garden area. We are ready for YOU to help if you are ready, willing and able. There will be work days on Saturdays March 20 and 27 starting at 9 am at TJH (75 Albemarle Ave). Please email or call TJH (540-259-3627) to let us know if you can join in the fun of making raised beds, filling them with good soil, putting up fencing etc. If you enjoy feeding people – please let us know if you would be willing to drop off food for the work crew. Thank you! We are so grateful for the volunteers who give so much of themselves to invest in the lives of others.

The plan is to plant the vegetable garden (with some flowers, too) and a special children’s garden in May. Let us know if you would like to participate in the planting process. This is a great opportunity for guests, staff and volunteers to safely work together outside on such a worthwhile endeavor.

Praises for:

  • God’s provision for The Journey Home in countless ways.
  • Spring – and the warmth and light it brings.
  • A recent grant received.
  • The many agencies and ministries we partner with to help those in need
  • The guests in TJH and the Next Step home who are thriving and making much
    positive progress
  • The generous donors who support TJH.
  • The volunteers who give their time and effort for Bible study, budgeting class,
    parenting class, Information Technology support, lawn care and many other
    services our guests need.
  • Staff and residents staying healthy as we continue to follow COVID 19 guidelines.
  • Many of us have completed the vaccination process.
  • The “family” atmosphere at TJH among staff, guests and volunteers.

Prayer requests for:

  • Our focus to remain on God’s will and following His leading for TJH.
  • Continued vibrant relationships between staff and guests. Protection from
  • For God to bring to TJH those that He has chosen for us to minister to.
  • Discernment in screening and interviewing possible guests for the home. Two
    possible families will be interviewed in the next week.
  • Wisdom during the pandemic in knowing timing to accept new families.
  • Volunteers to serve, as led by the Lord, when the timing is right.
  • Meal volunteers to work with the guests for the evening meal.
  • Volunteers to help with construction of the garden on March 20 and 27.
  • Donor partners invested in funding the garden and a proposed playground.
  • The finances and financial partners (we have several grant proposals pending)
    needed to sustain an effective ministry.

For TJH Board and Staff