“So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.” 2 Corinthians 4:18
At times, it may feel like our lives are in chaos. Since 2022 began, we have already had snow/ice storms that cut off electricity for days, the pandemic continues to affect our lives, and there is much strife in the world around us. This verse reminds us that these troubles will end and our focus needs to be on things that will last forever.
Many of the guests of The Journey Home have had lots of chaos in their life. To have a safe place to live, security in their food supply, and support as they rebuild their lives helps to bring them stability and a renewed sense of hope. Focusing on God and the things that truly matter for eternity, brings them peace. Eternal focus puts everything else in perspective. It helps them (and us all) to prioritize what really matters.
For example, parenting classes at TJH are excellently taught by a volunteer who has the skills to encourage the Moms in their role as a shepherd of their children’s hearts. They are instructed with loving guidance based on godly principles that help train the kids for life. Several of our Moms were recently given full custody of their children, so this is a crucial tool in assisting them in parenting. In many cases, this is helping to break the negative generational cycle that many of them have experienced.
The loving support could not be done without you. Thank you for investing in their lives in ways that matter for eternity. Thank you for joining us in God’s work with your prayers, your involvement and your financial support. You are making a difference now as people become more independent and for eternity as they trust their lives to God.
  • For the generosity of individuals and churches in their regular and year-end giving.
  • For the generator which worked well for our guests in the recent 4-day power outage.
  • For the first step in preparation for the playground – a fence being installed this month. Let us know if you want to volunteer in the finishing details.
  • For protection during the pandemic for our guests, volunteers and staff.
  • For the privilege of seeing God work in the lives of the current guests and their children who are making significant progress in their life goals.
  • For the faithful individuals and churches who support TJH.
  • For the faithful volunteers who give their time to help others.
  • For TJH staff and for their commitment to the ministry.
  • For TJH Board and for their spiritual leadership.
  • For the continued partnership in ministry with our community.
 Prayer requests:
  • For God to help us discern His choice for the House Managers position. Two candidates are being interviewed this week.
  • For us to be an example of Jesus as we love and encourage our families and point them to Him.
  • For discernment in the selection of guests. Two families are having final interviews in early February.
  • For more churches and individuals to grasp the vision to be involved in TJH prayerfully and financially.
  • For God’s favor for grants pending a decision.
  • For committed volunteers to return as Covid restrictions lift.
  • For godly relationships among staff and guests.
We pray you have a healthy and blessed 2022,
For TJH Board