Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him… Psalm 37:4-5

Happy New Year Friends of The Journey Home! May 2021 be a blessed year for you. We appreciate you and pray for you. Thank you for your prayers for TJH. Despite the craziness of 2020, there is much good news to report. This past year was one of focusing on God’s vision for the home and praising Him for His abundant provision. Please join us in praising and praying:

Praises for:

· The generous donors who support TJH and enabled us to end 2020 prosperously. We are so grateful for your gifts given to help those in need.
· The volunteers who give their time and effort for Bible study, budgeting class, parenting class, Information Technology support, lawn care and many other services our guests need.
· A precious daughter, Ember, born to House Managers, David and Cheyenne (and sister Zemirah), on December 28th. Everyone is adjusting and doing well.
· “B” and her son continuing to make significant progress. Recently she was able to reach a milestone goal by paying off debt. It is heartwarming to hear her 4 year old joyfully call TJH “my home”.
· The family in the Next Step home who are thriving and thrilled to be there.
· Several more churches who are involved and have become regular donors.
· The solar panels that are providing 100% of our electrical needs.
· The continued partnership in ministry with Louisa County Resource Council, Habitat for Humanity, Giving Words and other organizations in our community.
· Staff and residents staying healthy as we continue to follow COVID 19 guidelines.
· The “family” atmosphere at TJH among staff, guests and volunteers.

Prayer requests for:

· Our focus to remain on God’s will and following His leading for TJH.
· Continued vibrant relationships between staff and guests. Protection from division.
· For God to bring to TJH those that He has chosen for us to minister to.
· Discernment in screening and interviewing possible guests for the home.
· Wisdom during the pandemic in knowing timing to accept new families.
· Volunteers to be ready, willing and able to serve as led by the Lord when the timing is right.
· A team to help with landscaping and gardening in the Spring.
· The finances and financial partners needed to sustain an effective ministry.


Debby for The Journey Home Staff and Board