The Journey home was founded by a husband and wife team who have a vision and calling to provide a safe home for those who find themselves in need of a temporary place to live due to a crisis situation. They recognized, and confirmed with Social Services, that there is a great need for housing in Louisa County. Journey Home guests are given help and hope through Biblical discipleship and instruction in addressing relational, spiritual, and economic issues that have led to their homelessness.

The Mission

The Journey Home provides Christ-centered transitional housing to individuals or families in need of a temporary place to live where they receive support in rebuilding their lives and find hope for the next step in their journey to being independent members of our community.

The Vision

Residents of The Journey Home will live in the home for up to 18 months in a nurturing environment that will aid them in rebuilding their lives. Spiritual, financial, vocational and practical education will be available to prepare them for their next step towards permanent housing. This will be a place of dignity where residents contribute to the good of the community while working on the issues of brokenness in their lives.

Our Board

Debby Read, Ed Read, Jennifer Schulz, Ben Reid, Darvin Satterwhite and Bruce Stone.

Our board includes a nurse, a physician, a social worker, a small business owner who also has experience in an organization that repairs substandard housing, an attorney who is also a local pastor, and an insurance safety director. During the past 8+ years, board members have made numerous presentations to organizations and churches and attended countless meetings of community agencies to develop relationships. In addition, we have visited both in-state and out-of-state transition homes to further develop the vision, mission, and goals for The Journey Home.

Many local individuals, churches, and agencies are, and have been, supportive of The Journey Home and are committed to partnering with us. We currently have a list of over 75 volunteers. The vast majority of The Journey Home activities are implemented by volunteers as this best fulfills our mission as a community-involvement organization.

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